acceleration of your business

f=ma (Force = Mass x Acceleration)

Sir Issac Newton’s (online ad guru) Second Law of Motion states…the greater the force applied to your marketing, the greater the acceleration of your business

When to Seek Professional Help for Your PPC Campaign

ZZ512CA056.jpgToday’s world of do-it-yourselfers love to search, read, and learn, but is that always the best solution when it comes to a pay per click campaign? In today’s blog post, we will give you a few examples of campaigns that need professional help to turn their lagging results into a strong ROI.

  1. Low or Negative Return on Investment
    Whether you are advertising on the radio, TV, or online, each decision you make should be based on the returns from your investment. A low ROI does not mean that online marketing is a poor channel through which to advertise. Rather, is it warning sign that you are communicating the wrong message to your audience. Think of it this way: a low ROI campaign is actually a success because you’ve discovered what NOT to do.
  2. Not Tracking Return on Investment
    There is no bright side to this situation. If you are not tracking the emails, calls, or leads you drive from your PPC campaign, then you are wasting your money. Tracking the success or failure of your online ads is the first priority because without data, you can’t learn how to make a better marketing message.
  3. Not Optimizing or Making Changes
    Each AdWords campaign in Google has a Change History tool. If your Change History doesn’t show any tweaks, tests, or changes in the recent past then you are in need of some professional help. As the click, impression, and sales data starts to roll in you should be making changes that will encourage growth, rather than letting the campaign stay the same year after year.

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