acceleration of your business

f=ma (Force = Mass x Acceleration)

Sir Issac Newton’s (online ad guru) Second Law of Motion states…the greater the force applied to your marketing, the greater the acceleration of your business

The Effect of Negative Keywords

To give you an idea of how many dials have to be turned and switches have to be flipped in order to fully optimize a pay per click campaign, just take a look at all the different things you can do with negative keywords alone.

Achieving quality ROI with a Google AdWords campaign (or any marketing campaign, really) can be as much about what you don’t target as it is about what you do target, whether that be demographics or keywords.

Move Search Engine Traffic Mountains
Negative keywords can move search engine traffic mountains. And focusing on NOT generating poor quality leads can be just as important as focusing on generating quality leads.

But you have to have the manpower to monitor your campaign and deduce where negative keywords need to be applied. Then you need to be able to verify that you’re seeing the desired effect in you campaign’s efficiency so that you know which lever you pulled or switch you flipped.

Otherwise you’re working on your online advertising in the dark and there’s no guarantee that you’ll turn the right dial or pull the right lever the next time around.

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