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f=ma (Force = Mass x Acceleration)

Sir Issac Newton’s (online ad guru) Second Law of Motion states…the greater the force applied to your marketing, the greater the acceleration of your business

Targeting Specific ZIP Codes in Google AdWords

Last week, Google made an exciting announcement on their AdWords blog: the ability for advertisers to target more than 30,000 US zip codes within AdWords campaigns. This is an exciting step toward getting more refined marketing based on a searcher’s location.

ZZ153478A2.pngFor years, paid search advertisers have been able to target areas as large as a country or as small as a city, but ads can now be refined even further with Google’s new location insertion feature. When someone searches on Google using a platform that shares their location (mobile device, laptop, desktop, etc.) advertisers can now use that location information to insert the name of the city directly into the ad.

For example, let’s say someone in Dallas is searching for a hotel in Santa Monica. As they are looking for hotels to stay in, an ad could show on Google stating “New Steakhouse Now Open in Santa Monica.” That ad would be triggered because they were viewing a page that was referencing a specific location which was within that ad’s targeted zip code!

As the location targeting technology improves, businesses will enjoy more and more refined marketing that is unparalleled by any other type of media. 2ndLAW Media is proud to offer a team of proven PPC professionals dedicated to giving your business an edge over the competition and generating a strong ROI. Contact us at or 800-792-9584 to learn more today!

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