acceleration of your business

f=ma (Force = Mass x Acceleration)

Sir Issac Newton’s (online ad guru) Second Law of Motion states…the greater the force applied to your marketing, the greater the acceleration of your business

Important Secondary Metrics in Pay Per Click

Everyone knows about cost per click and conversion rate, but what about those lesser known metrics that can make a big difference to your campaign? In today’s blog post we discuss several other important secondary metrics in pay per click. Search Network: When advertising on Google advertisers have the option more…

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Search Marketing vs Display Marketing

Pay per click is a great way to sell products and services, but there are some very different subcategories of pay per click that may work better for different products and services. Let’s explore the benefits of search marketing and display marketing. Search Marketing When someone types a product, service, more…

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What Makes A PPC Campaign Successful?

Are you throwing money away or is your pay per click campaign actually successful? In today’s blog we take a look at what makes a pay per click (PPC) campaign successful. First we have to understand three key components that make up the ROI of a PPC campaign.   Cost more…

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Does Your Search Marketing Need More Money or an Overhaul?

Search marketing agencies are often guilty of using the excuse of “I need more money” as a crutch for a lack of ROI. For that reason, in today’s blog we will discuss a solid way to check if your campaign really needs more money or if it is just an more…

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Penguin Update Solution: Paid Search Marketing

Last month, Google released an update that targeted web spam. This new search algorithm focused on catching people who spam its search results. The result was a huge uproar from SEO managers around the world. The solution to avoiding another drop in your ROI due to Google’s search algorithm update more…

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Google AdWords: Sanctuary for the Challenger Brand

If you’re a challenger brand that’s looking for a competitive edge without just simply outspending your competition (after all, one of the common characteristics of a “challenger brand” is a smaller marketing budget), then Google AdWords may be able to level the playing field. If your product or service is more…

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The Significance of Social Media in Search Engines

If Microsoft and Facebook have their way, your business or brand’s presence in social media will soon have a great effect on how easily consumers find you. Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, is moving towards tailoring an individual’s search results to show more results for people, places and things that their more…

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Search Engine Marketing Made Prettier

On the web, and actually in most every place where there is a choice between the two, display trumps text. Every time. People would rather watch a video than read a blog, which is why the concept of “vlogging” even exists. And people would rather watch the movie than read more…

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SEM and Your Buying Cycle

Regardless of what business you’re in, you want to be found online. But there are certain industries, where the buying cycle is longer, for which search engine marketing is substantially better suited than any other form of marketing or advertising. Pay Per Click Doesn’t Play Mind Games Some of the more…

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