acceleration of your business

f=ma (Force = Mass x Acceleration)

Sir Issac Newton’s (online ad guru) Second Law of Motion states…the greater the force applied to your marketing, the greater the acceleration of your business

Increased Success of Organic Results When Supplemented with Paid Search Ads

In 2011, Google released a study estimating that 89% of ad clicks are incremental (ad-clicks are not replaced by organic clicks when the search ads are paused). For more information see our original blog post about the study.

ZZ22CFAB14.jpgIn a follow-up analysis, which was just released by Google, more questions about that original study were addressed. The meta-analysis highlights the limited opportunity for clicks from organic search results to substitute for ad clicks when search ads are turned off.

Question #1:
How often is an ad impression accompanied by an associated organic result?

81% of ad impressions and 66% of ad clicks occur in the absence of an associated organic result on the first page of search results.

Question #2:
How does the incrementality of the ad clicks vary with the rank of advertiser’s organic results?

- 50% of the ad clicks that occur with a top rank organic result are incremental.
- 82% of the ad clicks are incremental when the associated organic search result is between ranks 2 and 4.
- 96% of the ad clicks are incremental when the advertiser’s organic result ranked lower than 4 (i.e., 5 and below).

In laymen’s terms, the lower your organic ranking, the higher chance that the searcher’s click will be replaced by a paid ad. The large majority of websites do not enjoy a top organic ranking for their website, so for those businesses the best solution to acquire traffic is to focus on a strong pay per click campaign.

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